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Horeca Solution: Enhancing Brand & Keep Coffee Fresh

In 2023, we have welcomed a special customer from the United States. With a deep love for coffee and entrepreneurial passion, he is determined to create a unique coffee brand with frozen coffee. This customer comes from a well-known Fortune 500 company and has excellent business vision and sharp market insight. At the same time, in order to ensure the freshness and quality of frozen coffee, preservation becomes a key link. Low temperature preservation is an indispensable condition, and placing it in the freezer of the refrigerator is an ideal choice. The lower the temperature, the higher the freshness.

Project requirements:

.The end customer has insufficient knowledge of coffee brewing methods and expects the freezer to present the brewing method.

.The customer will be stationed in the retailer Sprout, and the space provided is limited, so the size of the freezer needs to be considered.

.The customer expects low frequency of after-sales and maintenance, and requires professional after-sales technical support.

He is committed to developing innovative coffee technology. The frozen coffee he developed is presented in the form of concentrated liquid. Compared with traditional brewed coffee, it has a short production time, does not require complex equipment, and consumers can adjust the concentration at will according to personal taste without professional brewing skills. However, terminal customers have limited knowledge of coffee brewing methods. For this reason, we have customized an LCD screen with detailed instructions.

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In addition, the customer plans to place the product in the retailer Sprout. However, the space provided by Sprout is small, and slim, counter top, and embedded refrigeration equipment are required. At the same time, since the customer does not know much about technology, it expects to reduce after-sales and maintenance issues and hopes to receive continuous technical support.

Based on the needs of customers, we carefully designed the Horeca solution for them, providing a variety of products including single-door and double-door refrigerated cabinets, freezers, long cabinets, countertop cabinets, etc. In addition, we will work with the local after-sales service team to provide customers with a full range of high-quality services to help their frozen coffee brand successfully gain a foothold and flourish in the market.

Project Challenges

Space Utilization:
Coolers need to be compact and efficient to maximize limited space without affecting other displays or operations.
Food Safety and Hygiene:
Coolers must meet high food safety and hygiene standards, using non-toxic materials to keep food fresh and safe.
Durability and Maintenance:
Coolers need to be durable and easy to maintain to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
Brand Consistency:
Coolers should match the brand's image and store style, enhancing the overall visual appeal.
Product Display:
Cooler should be equipped with bright lights, double-layer high-definition tempered glass etc. to increase product visibility and attract customers.
Energy Efficiency and Cost:
Clients need high-efficiency, low-energy coolers to reduce operating costs.
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Manufacturing Process:

· Conduct multiple performance tests and adjustments during the production process to ensure the refrigeration effect and reliability of the equipment.

· Customize the details of the equipment according to the specific needs of customer.

Project Results:

l Successfully designed a Horeca solution that meets the needs of customers from the United States, covering a diverse product portfolio including single door and double door refrigerators, freezers, slim coolers and countertop chillers, etc.

l An LCD screen with detailed brewing instructions was customized to address the end-customerslack of knowledge about coffee brewing methods and improve the user experience.

l For customers who have limited space in retailers like Sprout, we provide slim, countertop and embedded refrigeration equipment solutions to make full use of limited space.

l We have established cooperation with the local after-sales service team to provide customers with comprehensive and continuous professional technical support, effectively reducing customers' concerns about after-sales and maintenance issues.

l Through careful design and planning, the freshness and quality of the frozen coffee are guaranteed, meeting customers' key requirements for freshness and quality preservation.

l Helping customers frozen coffee brands gain a foothold in the market successfully and laying a solid foundation for their future vigorous development.

Horeca Solution Live Pictures

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