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Beverage solution

Brand Display Solution for Beverage and Food Industry
Excellent Promotional Solution---Pepsi, Coco cola, XL energy drink, BLU energy drink etc. Display Fridges
Apex presents a diverse range of tailor-made solutions crafted for renowned brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, XL, BLU, and various other popular sodas, energy drinks, and beverages. Our offerings can be personalized with optional components and designs to cater to specific needs, including surface colors, logos, door handles, glass types, shelf finishes, temperature controllers, locks, and more. Built to endure the demands of daily use in retail and catering businesses, our units aim to maximize efficiency and minimize maintenance hassles.

Our customized display fridges feature striking brand imagery, facilitating a "Grab & Go" experience that caters to various commercial needs such as on-the-spot consumption, impulse purchases, and beverage promotions. Apex display fridges boast exceptional features to maintain optimal temperatures and provide ideal storage conditions, meeting the stringent technical standards set by beverage companies. Efficient and rapid cooling ensures that drinks are ready for immediate consumption, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, our refrigeration units go beyond functionality to offer value-added solutions for retailers and franchised stores, contributing to consistent merchandising and heightened brand awareness.
Upright Cooler

● Apex top-notch cooling system ensures a consistent and optimal temperature, preserving the rich flavor and texture of your sodas and beers. The temperature range spans from 32°F to 50°F (0°C to 10°C).

● These vertical display refrigerators offer a range of options to cater to diverse needs and make for perfect beverage display cabinets in convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and more.

● Featuring transparent insulated glass doors and LED interior lighting, these refrigerators not only provide visibility but also enhance the visual appeal of your stored items, grabbing the attention of consumers.

● We go the extra mile by offering customized solutions such as price tags strip with logo, handle labels, sticker designs, logos and asset labels etc., providing comprehensive services to showcase your brand with flair.

Can Coolers

● Introducing Apex eye-catching coolers, designed to resemble a pop-top beverage can, complete with casters for easy mobility to any location. 

● These coolers boast the ability to keep your sodas and beverages cool for hours, even after being unplugged. Perfect for outdoor BBQs, carnivals, parties, or sports events. 

● Featuring glass lids and foaming lids with a flip-flop opening design, they allow for two-sided opening convenience. The added storage basket comes with divided compartments to keep items neatly organized.

● Maintaining temperatures within the range of 32°F to 50°F (0°C to 10°C), these coolers ensure your drinks stay refreshingly cool whenever you need them.

Open Chiller

● Apex Open Chiller—a game-changer with its doorless open-front design, perfect for catering or retail stores bustling with heavy customer traffic. This setup offers a convenient grab-and-go self-service solution.

● Equipped with a high-speed cooling refrigeration system, our Open Chiller allows staff to restock beverages frequently, ensuring your products are always refreshingly cool.

● Brighten up your offerings with LED interior lighting that highlights the refrigerated contents. For an added touch of fantasy, opt for colorful LED lighting strips. The temperature range spans between 32°F and 50°F (0°C and 10°C), providing optimal cooling for your products.

Hershey's Ice cream Case---Upright Freezer
Client Background: One of our esteemed clients is Hershey's, a renowned ice cream brand. Hershey's is well-known for its rich chocolate heritage, dedicated to providing consumers globally with indulgent and high-quality ice cream.
Challenges and Requirements: Hershey's had elevated expectations for the display of its ice cream, seeking an outstanding design and branded graphics on the freezer to attract more consumers. Additionally, they required a solution that could customize displays based on different products to optimize shelf space.
Our Solution: The Apex Upright Freezer emerged as the perfect choice for Hershey's ice cream display. Here are some highlights of our solution:
● Freezer Performance: The Apex freezer delivers reliable and efficient freezing performance, ensuring Hershey's ice cream maintains its optimal texture and quality consistently.
● Branded Graphics: We collaborated closely with Hershey's to customize the exterior of the freezer, highlighting the brand identity and unique features of Hershey's ice cream.
● Customized Shelf Partition: We provided customizable shelves and shelf partitions tailored to Hershey's product characteristics, ensuring each ice cream variety is displayed optimally to attract consumers.
● Transparent Glass Doors: The freezer features transparent glass doors, allowing consumers a clear view of Hershey's diverse ice cream selection, enhancing purchase decision convenience.
Results and Impact: Through deep collaboration with Hershey's, we successfully delivered a striking and efficient display solution for their ice cream. The Upright Freezer not only enhanced the presentation of Hershey's ice cream but also injected vibrancy into their brand image. Customized shelf partitions ensured each variety received optimal exposure, ultimately boosting sales effectiveness. This case illustrates how Apex's Upright Freezer serves as an effective tool for enhancing brand image and driving sales growth, providing clients with satisfying and customized solutions.
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