With over 16 years of expertise, we specialize in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration.

Supermarket Refrigeration

Apex Supermarket Refrigeration series, delivering outstanding refrigeration solutions for your merchandise. Meticulously designed refrigeration cabinets cater specifically to fresh produce, ensuring vegetables, fruits, and other perishables remain in optimal condition. Meanwhile, our freezer cabinets provide an ideal storage environment for frozen foods and ice cream, preserving their taste and quality.


Raising the bar for ultimate refrigeration demands, our Supermarket Refrigeration series boasts an efficient display, transparent glass doors, multi-tiered shelves, and intelligent control systems. These features create a superior preservation environment for your products, enhancing the shopping experience. Whether it's fresh produce or frozen goods, our equipment is designed to maintain the optimal quality of your merchandise, offering a reliable and efficient refrigeration solution for your supermarket.
Choose our Supermarket Refrigeration series to provide exceptional storage conditions for your products and to optimize merchandise display and sales experiences in your supermarket.

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The commercial upright 4 doors display freezer is ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores, pubs, or food courts. Our 1930L frozen food display refrigerator, featuring a bottom-mounted design, stands out as one of our most sought-after models. Its popularity stems from both its spaciousness and exceptional quality. This particular model has been chosen by over 100 food and beverage brands as their preferred option for showcasing and promoting their products.
Apex Commercial's triple door refrigerators present an optimal refrigeration solution for diverse high-traffic retail environments, including bars, supermarkets, and convenience stores. The V3E-168 glass refrigerator model boasts three hinged or sliding aluminum-framed flat glass doors that offer customization options such as logo engraving to elevate your brand presence and intensify beverage promotions. Furthermore, our refrigerators feature high-quality LED lights available in a variety of colors, allowing you to tailor the visual appeal and creating a focal point that captivates the attention of a broader consumer base.
The V2E-112 glass refrigerator comes with two hinged or sliding aluminum framed flat glass doors that can be custom engraved with your logo to enhance your beverage promotions. In addition, we are equipped with high-quality LED lights of different colors for you to choose from, becoming a highlight that attracts more consumers' attention.
Apex Island Freezer Displays are optimal for frozen food stores, offering superb presentations for large quantities of frozen products. Our island display freezer presents an ideal plug-in solution for frozen displays, seamlessly creating island showcases with the option for automatic or manual defrost functionality. Our commitment to reliable and attentive aftersales service is a fundamental value we provide to our customers.
Apex open refrigerators elevate your beverage promotion in high-traffic areas. The refrigerator's body features eye-catching branding that aligns with your product's image, making it a focal point at the point of sale (POS) and capturing the attention of the younger consumer demographic.
Apex open air merchandiser refrigerator designed for beverage display and promotion in high-traffic locations. Featuring a creative design that incorporates your custom logo, this refrigerator aims to showcase your drinks and provide a convenient grab-and-go merchandising solution in supermarkets. With no front glass door, it allows your products to be prominently displayed in front of customers.
Apex air curtain merchandiser is perfect for enhancing impromptu sales of chilled bottled beverages or ready-to-go snacks in high-traffic locations such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants.
How can you make your beverage product quickly stand out among a multitude of items in a high-traffic point of sale (POS)? The key lies in being eye-catching. Apex vertical open-air cooler featuring customized branding undoubtedly satisfies your promotional requirements.
Apex open coolers in various styles, offering both horizontal and vertical sizes suitable for promoting your beverages or food items at different points of sale (POS). If you're seeking a reliable manufacturer for an open cooler display case, we are an excellent match for your needs.
Apex double-door commercial upright fridge designed for displaying beverages and food is an excellent choice for supermarkets, convenience stores, pubs, and food courts. Among our highly sought-after models, the 950L beverage and food display refrigerator, distinguished by its bottom-mounted design, has gained significant popularity. Its appeal lies in its capacious interior and exceptional quality, making it the preferred option for showcasing and promoting products by more than 100 food and beverage brands.
Apex single glass door commercial upright beverage and food fridge is well-suited for supermarkets, convenience stores, pubs, and food courts. Among our highly sought-after models, the 450L beverage display refrigerator, featuring a bottom-mounted design, stands out. Its popularity is attributed to its spaciousness and outstanding quality, making it the preferred choice for over 100 food and beverage brands to showcase and promote their products.
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