With over 16 years of expertise, we specialize in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration.

Remote Fridge

Apex Remote Fridge series, a collection of refrigerators incorporating advanced remote cooling systems to provide efficient refrigeration solutions for commercial and retail environments. This innovative design centralizes refrigeration machinery away from the refrigerated/freezer areas, utilizing pipelines to transport refrigerants directly to the refrigeration units. This not only helps reduce noise levels and visual impact of cooling equipment in sales areas but also enhances the overall energy efficiency of the system.
Widely employed in supermarkets, convenience stores, and similar settings, Apex Remote Fridges offer convenient solutions for the display of a large volume of refrigerated and frozen products. The unique design facilitates easier maintenance and service of the refrigerators, as the refrigeration machinery is centrally located for convenient access. Choosing our Remote Fridge not only ensures efficient refrigeration for your commercial space but also brings added convenience to maintenance and service processes.

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Apex Refrigeration Equipment Limited was founded in 2007 as a professional manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. 
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