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Promotion Display Cooler

Welcome to explore Apex Promotion Display Cooler series, providing the perfect solution for your merchandise display and promotional needs. Whether you require clever showcasing in limited spaces, swift refrigeration services, or additional cooling options around the cashier's counter, our series encompasses the Slim Display Cooler, Can Cooler, and Cashier Cooler, bringing you added convenience and eye-catching promotional opportunities.
Slim Display Cooler:
With its unique slim design, it's the perfect choice for limited spaces. Transparent glass doors offer a clear view of your merchandise, while multi-tiered display shelves provide diverse presentation options. The Slim Display Cooler is not only an efficient refrigeration solution but also an ideal tool for leading stylish displays.
Can Cooler:
Designed specifically for canned beverages, the Can Cooler offers rapid cooling to ensure your drinks stay refreshingly cool. Its compact appearance suits various settings, and its portability makes it an ideal choice for outdoor events and gatherings. Can Cooler ensures your beverages are served in icy perfection.
Cashier Cooler:
The low-profile design of the Cashier Cooler is tailored to complement cashier counters, providing additional refrigeration space. Convenient and quick access ensures your products stay in optimal condition. This is the perfect refrigeration companion to enhance checkout efficiency, bringing added convenience to your business.
Choose our Promotion Display Cooler series for not just advanced refrigeration technology for your merchandise but also to add brilliance to your promotional activities. Elegant design, efficient performance—crafting an outstanding display and promotional experience.

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The Apex Frost-free Slim Display Upright Freezer is perfect for showcasing ice cream and frozen food. This outstanding marketing tool features attractive branding for effective promotion.
The Apex Slimline Display Fridge, available in 39/44 cm width, is specifically crafted for compact spaces, catering to small establishments such as food retailers, gas stations, and other limited Point of Sale (POS) areas.
Apex narrow beverage refrigerator is ideal for showcasing and selling drinks in space-constrained areas, such as behind the counter or in a narrow aisle. Occupying minimal space, it boasts an unexpectedly large capacity of up to 240 cans of Coca-Cola (330 ml). With a sleek width of 39/44 cm and a height of 189 cm, this display cooler offers unparalleled convenience in compact retail spaces.
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