With over 16 years of expertise, we specialize in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration.

Subzero Upright Cooler

Apex Subzero Upright Cooler series, a freezing masterpiece crafted for the connoisseurs of refined delicacies. This upright cooler doesn't just chill; it performs a symphony of precision cooling, taking temperatures to the subzero realms where only the finest caviar, exquisite wines, and premium delights thrive. The intelligent temperature control system orchestrates a harmonious preservation dance, ensuring your treasures are always presented at their freshest. Elevate your offerings with Subzero Upright Cooler, where sophistication meets icy perfection. Immerse yourself in the luxury of optimal preservation.

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Apex Refrigeration Equipment Limited was founded in 2007 as a professional manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. 
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