R290 (also known as high purity propane or CARE 40) and R600a (also known as refrigerant grade Isobutane or CARE 10) are hydrocarbon refrigerants. R513a (also known as Opteon XP10) is an HFO (hydrofluoroolefin) refrigerant. They are being used as an eco-friendly refrigerant by some manufacturers in response to the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program. Read more about this program in our blog post on Refrige

Make sure that you are loading it properly, and not overloading it. This unit is designed for cans, bottles, and similar items
that naturally enable good airflow within the cabinet. Overloading the cooler with cases and boxes will interrupt the airflow and negatively impact the unit’s performance.

APEXCOOL cooler is designed for an ambient with maximum 100F (38C) and 65% relative humidity. In case the ambient is higher than that, the cooler performance will be reduced. Higher humidity will cause condensation on glass as well.

Before contacting APEX for warranty service, please try resetting the temperature differential using these instructions.

APEXCOOL cooler is designed for heavy duty use. If the cooler is use and maintained properly, it can work for around 8 years. The key point is keep the cooler away from rusty and dusty environment. Regular condenser cleaning is necessary for extend the cooler lifespan as well as saving energy.