Open Chiller LD3-2Z(D Series)

Multideck case with fan assisted refrigeration system designed for the display of packaged fresh products such deli meats, dairy products, meat, vegetables, prepared dishes and beverages.

Thanks to its compact size and the availability of four different lengths and two heights, can be installed in outlets of any size without difficulty. The scaled and tiltable shelves maximize product exposure ensuring the maximum visibility. The main feature of this cabinet is its versatility, expressed in the different versions in which it can be supplied. To accentuate the promotional character, the decorative trimming on front and side panels can be customized.



Model Temperature(℃) Unit Dimension(mm) Effective Volume(L) Operating Service Output(W) Net Weight(kg) 40HQ
LD3-2Z(D1) 2~12 725*685*1495 570 1050 138 32
LD3-2Z(D2) 2~12 1024*685*1455 1100 1030 155 32