The APEX Beverage Cooler

The APEX Beverage Cooler and Fridge is among the best beverage cooler options. You can use it as a freestanding cooler. This allows for flexibility depending on the available space in your store.

As one of the best beverage refrigerators, this cooler features 4 or more sliding metal shelves, allowing you to store a wealth of your favorite beverages. The security lock on the door prevents children from accessing beer and other adult drinks.

The interior LED light allows you to easily see what drink you are grabbing. The digital LED temperature control makes it simple to cool your drinks to your desired temperature, down to about 38F. This fridge also has a temperature memory feature so that in the event of a power loss, the temperature you set will be restored once the electricity is back on.

This cooler uses compressor cooling. This ensures a quick adjustment in temperature. It is also a quiet option. The compressor stops and starts less, ensuring greater cooling efficiency.

This cooler has a sleek design that is practical for just about any design scheme. The transparent glass in the front allows you to see when it is time to restock your drinks.

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