Air Curtain Cooler Antar Series

The air curtain cooler represents the idea solution for all the situations, including the cabinets where the depth could be a constraint for a wall cabinet having additional overall dimensions.

Such result has been achieved through a deep study, which has led to the reduction of the dimension of both base and height from the floor, ensuring anyhow a remarkable loading capacity.

The thin edges and the wide panoramic and panels reduce the perception of its presence, favoring the products displayed in the cabinets which are well visible and easily reachable.




Model Temperature(℃) Unie dimension(mm) Net Capacity(L) Power supply Operating service output(W) Net weight(kg) 40HQ
D5-3Z(A) 2~10 960*865*2000 580 220V/50Hz 1072 180 24
D5-4Z(A) 2~10 1280*865*2000 750 220V/50Hz 1377 200 16
D5-5Z(A) 2~10 1600*865*2000 900 220V/50Hz 1500 230 12
D5-6Z(A) 2~10 1910*865*2000 1150 220V/50Hz 1818 300 12
D5-8Z(A) 2~10 2580*865*2000 1570 220V/50Hz 2944 400 8