Island Freezer

Commercial Island freezer typically appears in supermarkets and large convenience stores. These freezers are the perfect solution for displaying large amounts of frozen produce. And it still allows your customers to easily browse your goods. At Fridge Freezer Direct, we stock both open and glass lidded versions of island display freezers, ensuring you can find the ideal unit for your store. Need help? So, call or speak to us via email or phone! our friendly and informative staff are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have.

Island freezer displays are ideal for frozen food centres as they can have a sliding lid or open top access giving excellent display to large volumes of frozen food. The island display freezer is ideal for large volume sales of frozen food. With large display areas these cabinets maximize the promotion and display of the products inside. Island freezers are usually associated with the sale of ice cream, however these island display freezers can be used to display and sell a wide range of products including farm produce, ready meals, or even bags of ice.