Countertop Display Freezer

Our Countertop Display Freezer will maximize impulse sales in a minimum amount of space. The illuminated interior attractively features frozen snacks or ice cream novelties. So, contact us and find a very attractive, profit generating merchandising cabinet.

Its lighted merchandising panel, clear glass door, and brightly lit interior puts items on full display to increase impulse sales. In addition, its compact countertop design makes this unit great for use in applications like markets, delis, and restaurants where it can be kept in plain sight to house takeout beverages or give customers a chance to see all of the delicious sides and drinks you offer with your meals!

The Apex Countertop display freezer allows customers to see the contents of your merchandiser at a glance, and the door is self-closing so that you never have to worry about staff or customers accidentally leaving it open. A built-in lock helps prevent theft.

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