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Food poisoning in refrigerator

We put food into refrigerator in order to make sure they won’t go putrid, especially in summer. Every summer the sun in the sky is hot, people tend to put almost every food into refrigerator. However, do you know that even the food in refrigerator may lead to food poisoning?

In summer, bacteria reproduce rapidly, especially in wet places like refrigerator. Also the frequecy of opening and closing the refrigerator become higher. All of these give chance for food poisoning in refrigerator.

Reading these, you may be worry a lot. But it doesn’t matter. Here are some ways for effectively avoiding food poisoning in refrigerator.

  1. Clear your refrigerator regularly.

You should timely throw away those rotten food.

  1. Raw and cooked food shouldn’t be stored together.

You should separately store them. Otherwise they may be cross-contamination.

  1. Cooked food inrefrigerator must be thoroughly cooked before being eaten.

Do you know the temperature of use of various foods in the fridge?

Bottled drinks and beer + 1 / + 10 ° C

There are no clear recommended temperatures for bottled drinks and beer.

White wine + 4 / + 10 ° C

There is no specific temperature for the supply of white wine. The general recommendation is + 4 / + 10 ° C

Pre-cooled food + 1 / + 4 ° C

For proper storage, it is recommended to keep products including dairy products within the temperature range of + 1 / + 4 °C.

Fresh meat – 2 / 0 ° C

Preferred temperature for fresh meat products

Fresh fish – 1 / + 1 ° C

The preferred storage temperature for fresh fish. Please note that you must use a specific refrigerator for fresh storage.

Frozen Food-18 / -22°C

All frozen products must be maintained between -18 / -22 ° C

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