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Single Glass Door Merchandiser Series

The Apex single door merchandiser has a glass door with an aluminum frame for durability. With the Self-closing door, cold air can be retained in the cabinet. The magnetic door gasket also keeps cold air from escaping and removes for cleaning and replacing.

The white aluminum interior frame brightens the cabinet, and the clean-out drain make cleaning the interior simple. In the cabinet, the adjustable PVC-coated wire shelves are easy to carry various products. LED lights brighten the interior and enhances product visibility.

The Apex single glass door merchandiser uses R134a hydrocarbon refrigerant to keep temperatures cold. A high-capacity, balanced refrigeration system maintains temperatures from 0 to 10 Celsius Degrees for the best food preservation. Electronically evaporator and condenser fan motors move a consistent volume of air, producing little heat and reducing the consumption of energy.

Double Glass Door Merchandiser Series

The Apex double glass door merchandiser uses a solid-state thermostat to control the temperature, which is adjustable from 0 to 10 Celsius degrees and maintained by R134A refrigerant. The condenser is bottom mounted, meaning it can be accessed more conveniently than a top-mounted system. With a slide-out design, operators can conveniently clean and service the components.

Adjustable, PVC-coated shelves hold product in the cabinet, while LED lights provide visibility through glass doors. Ergonomic door handles are comfortable to grip, and locks protect product from theft. Apex double glass door merchandiser has a black front with white sides. Its interior is also white. Also, OEM Service is welcomed which means you can customize the merchandiser’s appearance, light box and other parts.

The 125th Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair 2019)

We’ll set up at Booth No. 3.2D08-3.2D09. From April 14th to 19th. Welcome to visit our booth or directly pay a visit to our company. We sincerely hope to take further future discussion with you. To create a new business, to share our latest commercial refrigerator.

125th Spring Canton Fair 2019 April Phase 1

Canton Fair Phase One, focuses on electrical and electronic products and industrial products. Most of China’s latest high-tech products are in the first phase of the Canton Fair. It has the largest number of deals and buyers of 3 phases.

Date: 15th-19th April 2019

Time: 9:30-18:00

Exhibitors & Product Search

  • Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Vehicles & Spare Parts
  • Machinery
  • Hardware & Tools
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical Products
  • Energy Resources
  • International Pavilion



By Simon He   Feb-18th,2019

In the morning of February 12th 2019, we proudly announced that Apex Refrigeration Equipment Limited 2019 Kick-off Ceremony has successfully begun! Team APEX, Team Sansheng and lots of distinguish guests those who pay much attention to the growth of Apex participated in this inspiring event. We ever received many greeting and wishes by video from oversee customer and friends.

The ceremony was held in the beautiful Flora Lake Villa with a very nice weather. First of all, our general manger—Eric delivered a gracious speech with a summary of 2018 and the gratitude to our clients, co-workers, suppliers and friends. In 2018, although the world economy was not good, our team still made an annual sales turn over of $12 million which increased almost 30% from 2017. Then he also announced the new goal of 2019.

Without everyone’s contribution and our leaders’ smart guidance, this success would not happen. Each one in our company has professional ability and devotes himself/herself to his/her job. The most shining stars among us are Honglan Wei, Yiquan Wu and Cayla Zhang. In the past year, their hard working and responsibility branded into everyone’s heart. After Eric announced their names, they went on the stage to receive their awards and shared their feelings with us.

Then, our engineering director—Tony Wong and sales director—Andy Tu read out the summary of the last year and thewish of the new year. After that, Andy led every salesman to speak out their goals.

The sales team is not fighting alone, the target of 2019 is on all shoulders of Apex team members. Eric led all team members vow on their responsibility and target: As elite of APEX team, I must work hard to fulfill my responsibility, create value for our client, and contribute my intelligence and effort, for the accomplishment of 2019 goal!


Being encouraged by our team’s ambition, the general manager of Sansheng— Apex brother company and supplier, Mr. Xianchang Lu also made an inspiring speech and showed his support and good wishes to Apex.

Let’s go to the next part. Our guest bought two excellent shows to us. Firstly, a very young and well-trained lady—Zilu Chen performed a ravishing violin solo. Then, Mr.Huaqing Leung sang a song by using his beautiful voice. Finally, the talented girl of our Apex team—Cathy Tao played a Guzheng Solo. All performance has won the applause of the audience. Along with the shows, the exciting Gift-lottery program was also performed. Congratulations to those who won Ipad, Apple watch, Kindle and so many other nice gifts!

At the end, all participants took a big family picture and then enjoy a big feast of buffet. We thank everyone who witnesses this special event of Apex Refrigeration. And specially thanks everyone who devotes himself/herself to the Apex team. We hope that in the year 2019 we will make a better progress and share a bigger success with more friends. See you again next year!