Commercial Refrigerator

Apex commercial refrigerator is completely export-oriented designed and re-developed. As a pioneer of beverage and food display solution provider, we always implement international leading concept of energy saving, environment protection, as well as the most strict standard in material durability and refrigeration technology. Our products has been widely sold in USA, Canada, England, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Saudi, UAE, Australia, South Africa etc. more than 30 countries. More than 200 customers have been joining hands with us in either OEM or ODM business. Some among those are globally well-known brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Unilever, Sanden, Heineken, Walmart etc.

Apex team members have strong career background in the leading company of this industry. They have well education and experience. Either in services or R&D we are good-listeners and fast action takers.

Apex’s production base are ISO certified, with advanced production line and well-trained workers. Sufficient productivity ensures fast delivery even in the high season of the year.

Apex’s equipment are up-to-date model from the top brand of industry. That ensures we have the best quality from the beginning of process. We are saving every penny for you from the complete manufacturing process.

Apex extra inspection procedure with independent standard is the most important chain in securing your benefit. In addition, we offer impeccable warranty and after sales service that covers your entire headache.


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