Slim upright cooler

The most obvious characteristic of slim upright cooler is slim. Its compact style makes it easy to be placed, this means it won’t occupy room a lot. It has adjustable wire shelf and vertical inner lighting, which gives a excellent display style. You can put beer, coke, or other drink in it.

Single door back bar cooler

This kind of cooler can be put in bar. Its compact design make it convenient to be put in everywhere. It has dynamic cooling system, which cool fast and make sure the evenness of temperature. And its digital controller can accurately control and display the temperature in the cooler.

Do you know the temperature of use of various foods in the fridge?

Bottled drinks and beer + 1 / + 10 ° C

There are no clear recommended temperatures for bottled drinks and beer.

White wine + 4 / + 10 ° C

There is no specific temperature for the supply of white wine. The general recommendation is + 4 / + 10 ° C

Pre-cooled food + 1 / + 4 ° C

For proper storage, it is recommended to keep products including dairy products within the temperature range of + 1 / + 4 °C.

Fresh meat – 2 / 0 ° C

Preferred temperature for fresh meat products

Fresh fish – 1 / + 1 ° C

The preferred storage temperature for fresh fish. Please note that you must use a specific refrigerator for fresh storage.

Frozen Food-18 / -22°C

All frozen products must be maintained between -18 / -22 ° C

APEX Back Bar Cooler

Keep all of your beers, sodas and drink mixers ice cold and easily accessible with the APEX Back Bar Cooler. With it’s heavy duty steel exteriors feature a wear-resistant black coating to provide long lasting durability. It has a stainless steel interior that is impervious to spills and corrosion. The foamed in place high density polyurethane insulation and famous band mount compressor ensure that the contents of the bar cooler remain cold and ready for thirsty customers.

This commercial grade beverage refrigerator comes with one/two/three glass doors and LED interior lighting to make finding particular items easy, even in dark bars. The adjustable metal coated shelves provide unmatched interior capacity for up to 1152 12 oz. cans or 3 kegs in varying configurations. A digital temperature display indicates the internal temperature, which can easily be adjusted with a dial inside the refrigerator. The attractive stainless steel top doubles as a countertop and the unit’s shallow 24″ depth ensures that it won’t take up all the space behind your bar.

The APEX Beverage Cooler

The APEX Beverage Cooler and Fridge is among the best beverage cooler options. You can use it as a freestanding cooler. This allows for flexibility depending on the available space in your store.

As one of the best beverage refrigerators, this cooler features 4 or more sliding metal shelves, allowing you to store a wealth of your favorite beverages. The security lock on the door prevents children from accessing beer and other adult drinks.

The interior LED light allows you to easily see what drink you are grabbing. The digital LED temperature control makes it simple to cool your drinks to your desired temperature, down to about 38F. This fridge also has a temperature memory feature so that in the event of a power loss, the temperature you set will be restored once the electricity is back on.

This cooler uses compressor cooling. This ensures a quick adjustment in temperature. It is also a quiet option. The compressor stops and starts less, ensuring greater cooling efficiency.

This cooler has a sleek design that is practical for just about any design scheme. The transparent glass in the front allows you to see when it is time to restock your drinks.

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Upright chiller

Find the Upright Chiller you want on Apex which helps your business a lot and attracts your customer. Whether you want to show off your wide selection of sodas, teas, and energy drinks. Furthermore this merchandising refrigerator is the perfect unit for the task with its sharp looks and smart design features!
Its single section design takes up minimal space. This unit is great for use in applications like markets, delis, and restaurants. And it can be kept in plain sight to house take-out beverages. Also it gives customers a chance to see all of the delicious desserts, sides, and drinks you offer with your meals!

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Reach-In Refrigerator

Before any major purchase, especially one that impacts your business, doing a thorough investigation of your options can help you feel confident in your decision. If you’re in the market for a new commercial reach-in refrigerator, here are some things to consider before you sign on the dotted line.  

Size and Energy Matters 

Width and depth are important when considering a reach-in fridge, but height is equally as important. Remember that the bigger the refrigerator unit, the more energy it consumes. Make sure that the unit’s insulation is thick to maximize efficiency. Depending on the top-mount compressor, there may be a minimum clearance needed from the top of the reach-in to the ceiling. 

What Is the Environment Like?  

Is your kitchen constantly blowing air conditioning? Knowing the average temperature of the kitchen will inform which type of fridge you buy. If it stays above 75 degrees, you will need to get a unit that has a high ambient temperature which maintains the desired internal temperature. Consider the temperatures around your reach-in and how that affects the products inside. 

Do You Need a Holding or Working Box?  

If you need a refrigerated area just to store food overnight, then a “holding” box is the right fit for you. On the other hand, if you need a cool space that you are in and out of all day, then you need a “working” box.  

The major difference between the two is the design and temperature sustainability. A working box’s compressor has the ability to maintain the correct internal temperature while being used by employees throughout the day. Ask the product specialists questions and review the specifications sheet to ensure you’re getting the right reach-in fridge for your situation.  

Top or Bottom Compressor?  

If your kitchen collects a lot of dust or flour, then a top-mounted unit is ideal.  Bottom-mounted compressors draw air close to the floor, collecting all the dust and flour from the floor along with it. This can harm your compressor’s effectiveness over time.  

Bottom mounted compressors are preferred in kitchens that stay above 75 degrees. It’s no secret that heat rises, so if you purchase a top-mounted compressor, then it would have to work harder to keep the unit cool. On the contrary, a bottom-mounted unit draws in cold air near the floor.  

Open Chiller

An excellent addition to any grocery store, deli, or self-serve area, the Apex open chiller keeps contents at safe holding temperatures while letting you increase impulse sales of your most popular foods! This vertical style merchandiser boasts 37.1 cu. ft. of space and 8 white coated galvanized steel solid shelves to hold everything from pre-made sandwiches to bottled beverages. Featuring a contemporary design, this display case combines efficiency and durability to create an eye-catching display at your establishment. A safety reinforced tempered glass front shield and side walls provide superior visibility and access to products.

This Open Chiller is a wonderful addition to your commercial establishment.
This item includes 5 levels of display for your guests.
This unit features stainless steel construction and is the perfect item to include items for compulsive grab and go products.
This unit includes internal shelves which can hold are great for display.
This item is perfect to display cold cuts, sandwiches, soft drinks, sushi and salads.
You will be overall satisfied by this unit as it will prove to be a great investment.