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Tips for Improving Commercial Refrigerator Efficiency

Tips for Improving Commercial Refrigerator Efficiency

The kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and hospitals are leading sources of energy consumption. Within that space, commercial refrigerator account for over 30% of the electricity usage.  

Fortunately, there are easy ways to improve the efficiency of refrigeration units. Simple operational changes and improved cleaning habits can reduce usage between 10% and 30%. Doing so will also increase the comfort of the kitchen staff and total operating performance.  

Here are eight tips for improving commercial refrigeration efficiency.  

1. Inspect the Doors

Misaligned doors and worn gaskets can result in cool air leaking out of the refrigerator. Damaged strip curtains and malfunctioning automatic door closers will also waste energy. Check the gaskets and seals on a regular basis, keeping them clean and replacing as necessary.  

Not sure if a seal is losing air? Hold up a thin piece of paper next to the closed refrigerator door. If it flutters, it’s time to replace the seal.  

2. Clean the Coils

Evaporator and condenser coils get dirty over time. Without proper care, they’ll block airflow, which drags efficiency down. Dirty coils can also result in major maintenance issues, such as compressor failure.  

3. Make Room for Circulation

Heat builds up in tight spaces, so location is key for your refrigeration units. They’ll work harder to cool properly, driving up energy costs. Make sure there’s adequate space around the fridges and freezers, and avoid putting them too close to cooking equipment. 

4. Check the Charge

If refrigeration units don’t have enough refrigerant charge, it strains the compressor. Take a look at the sight glass on the condenser that shows the refrigerant line. If the system is running and you see visible bubbles, it’s a sign the refrigerant needs to be recharged. Call an experienced commercial appliance technician to get the job done.  

5. Switch to LED Lighting

Some of the most energy efficient products on the market are LED bulbs and fixtures. This is especially true when it comes to reducing energy usage in refrigeration units. They operate well in cold environments and give off less heat than other lighting options.  

6. Cover Display Cases

Open-case refrigerated displays should be covered when not in use. They’re a great way to showcase food options, but they drain energy. Adding night covers keeps the cold air contained, which means the case doesn’t have to run at full capacity when the establishment is closed.  

7. Vacuum the Back

A busy kitchen collects dust and dirt in places you may not think about. Periodically pull refrigerator and freezers away from the wall and vacuum them off. This picks up any filth that’s collected on the condenser coils. Clean coils pull the heat away from the refrigerator more efficiently, helping you control energy costs.  

8. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Equipment

Apex carries a wide array of energy-saving commercial refrigeration units.

Ways to Avoid Commercial Refrigerator Breakdowns

No matter what industry your business operates in, from restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and more, commercial refrigerators are an important component of your day-to-day operations. Without proper care, your refrigerators can break down, leaving you with spoiled food products, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. In order to avoid the significant costs associated with repairing or replacing broken down refrigeration units, here are a few steps you can take to keep your commercial equipment in optimal condition.

Be Mindful of Their Location

The placement of your commercial refrigerators affects its ability to function properly. If the refrigerator’s fans or vents are obstructed, either by debris or by placing the unit flush to a wall, they won’t cool effectively. This can lead to expensive problems like a compressor breakdown when the unit overworks itself.

Overloaded and Overworked

Your commercial refrigerators aren’t designed to have food packed in to the brim, which will restrict air flow within the unit. When they’re overloaded, they will overwork themselves trying to maintain a proper temperature. If you’re not careful, you could risk food spoilage from an overstocked unit, as well as major refrigeration components breaking down before their natural lifespan.

Keep It Clean

A simple way to prolong the life of your refrigerator units is by keeping them clean, which reduces system wear and keeps everything functioning properly. You can use hot water and a mild soap to clean the inside and outside, but don’t get electrical components wet. Fan and condenser coils should be cleaned by professionals to avoid damaging delicate but critical refrigeration parts.

Watch for Breakdown Indicators

Despite your best efforts, commercial refrigerators can develop problems that require immediate professional attention to avoid a complete and costly breakdown. If the gaskets aren’t properly sealed, the unit will struggle to reach optimal cooling temperatures. Fluctuations in temperatures could be an indication of many issues, including problems with the fan, condenser, thermometer, or evaporator. Puddles forming on the inside or outside of the commercial refrigerator could be pointing to a major breakdown or a leak in the drainage line.

Because the signs of an imminent breakdown could be attributed to a number of issues, it’s important to have the unit inspected by a professional mechanic as soon as possible. In the same hand, keeping up with regular refrigerator maintenance with experienced commercial refrigeration technicians can help identify problems early before they result in costly repairs or replacements.

The best way to avoid commercial refrigeration breakdown is by using the units as intended, keeping them clean, inspecting them for potential issues, and keeping up with regular maintenance. To get the most out of your commercial refrigeration needs, look no further than Apex. Our extensive line of commercial refrigerators is suited to a variety of business needs, with innovative designs and advanced technology that’s made to last. Contact us today to find out more.

The History of Refrigeration

Food service operations from restaurants, grocery stores, micro-markets, convenience stores, and more rely on commercial refrigerators to keep products safe and customers happy. Without them, it would be difficult to consistently keep produce and perishables fresh, beverages drinkable, and operating costs manageable. People have been finding ways to preserve foods for centuries with varying degrees of success, but modern refrigeration systems are a relatively new development.

An Icy Start

Ice has been used in food preservation for thousands of years. Icehouses were insulated with straw and sawdust, providing an effective but cumbersome process for keeping food fresh. As civilization became more industrialized, natural ice was harvested and distributed for home and commercial use. Ice boxes developed as a more compact alternative to ice houses, holding blocks of ice to keep foods cold.

The Science Behind Refrigeration

Mechanical refrigeration first became a possibility in the mid 1700s, when William Cullen developed a technique of boiling ether in a partial vacuum, creating ice. In the early 1800s, Michael Farady took Cullen’s work to the next level when he liquefied ammonia gas, creating a cooling effect in the process.

The science behind what makes refrigeration work is compression. As the gas components are compressed into a liquid state, it absorbs heat, cooling the space as it returns to a gas.

The Rise of Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration became popular more quickly than home usage. The average home wasn’t suited for the bulky sizes of refrigeration units, relying on ice boxes instead. Commercial usage spread through railroad cars, grocery stores, breweries, and the meat-packing industry. The foodservice industry expanded thanks to advancements in transportation and refrigeration methods.

Advancements in Refrigeration

Advances were made to commercial refrigeration throughout the 20th century, resulting in systems that were smaller, less expensive, and better suited for a variety of industries, including at-home usage.

Early refrigeration units were large, weighing several tons, and were cooled using toxic gases. In the 1920s, cooling mechanisms moved away from ammonia to synthetic chlorofluorocarbons, but it was phased out when scientists discovered that its emissions depleted the ozone layer.  Today’s industry standard is hydrofluorocarbons, which are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

State-of-the-Art Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigeration has come a long way from blocks of ice insulated with straw and sawdust. Apex’s commercial refrigerators do so much more than just keep food and beverages at the proper temperature. Technological advancements contribute to better visual merchandising, as well as data collection on consumer behavior. They come with an array of modern features such as digital thermostats, innovative designs, LED lighting, glass display doors, and provide maximum energy efficiency without utilizing too much space. To learn more about how you can keep food products safe while driving sales with better commercial refrigeration options, contact us today.

Open Chiller

An excellent addition to any grocery store, deli, or self-serve area, the Apex open chiller keeps contents at safe holding temperatures while letting you increase impulse sales of your most popular foods! This vertical style merchandiser boasts 37.1 cu. ft. of space and 8 white coated galvanized steel solid shelves to hold everything from pre-made sandwiches to bottled beverages. Featuring a contemporary design, this display case combines efficiency and durability to create an eye-catching display at your establishment. A safety reinforced tempered glass front shield and side walls provide superior visibility and access to products.

This Open Chiller is a wonderful addition to your commercial establishment.
This item includes 5 levels of display for your guests.
This unit features stainless steel construction and is the perfect item to include items for compulsive grab and go products.
This unit includes internal shelves which can hold are great for display.
This item is perfect to display cold cuts, sandwiches, soft drinks, sushi and salads.
You will be overall satisfied by this unit as it will prove to be a great investment.

Countertop Refrigerator

Apex countertop refrigerator shows all your products to boost impulse sales! The convenient, countertop design allows this refrigerator to fit in small spaces where large, floor-sized units wouldn’t fit to optimize your merchandising space for greater overall efficiency. Plus, its durable, heavy-duty stainless steel construction makes this refrigerator a long-lasting addition to your establishment. The painted white interior and exterior also provide a professional look.

Its lighted merchandising panel, clear glass door, and brightly lit interior puts items on full display to increase impulse sales.
In addition, its compact countertop design makes this unit great for use in applications like markets, delis,
and restaurants where it can be kept in plain sight to house takeout beverages or give customers a chance to see all of the delicious sides and drinks you offer with your meals!

Cake Display Case

Display your signature cakes, pies, and eclairs with ease using Apex refrigerated Cake Display Case! With its smooth, curved glass design, this contemporary case keeps contents sanitary while providing maximum visibility to entice your customers. Plus, this unit uses eco-friendly R290 refrigerant, making it an environmentally-responsible choice for your business.

This Curved Glass Dry Bakery Display Case – Counter Height is a wonderful addition to your commercial bakery.
This item includes 3 levels of display for your guests.
This unit features stainless steel construction and has a storage compartment specifically designed for storing overstock.
The storage doors are designed to ease user fatigue.
This unit includes internal shelves which can hold and display great quantity of your products.
This unit comes with a Curved Glass display for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Upright Cooler

Find the Upright Cooler you want on Apex which helps your business a lot and attracts your customer. Whether you want to show off your wide selection of sodas, teas, and energy drinks, or give customers quick access to pre-packaged salads and sandwiches, this merchandising refrigerator is the perfect unit for the task with its sharp looks and smart design features!
Its single section design takes up minimal space and makes this unit great for use in applications like markets, delis, and restaurants where it can be kept in plain sight to house take-out beverages or give customers a chance to see all of the delicious desserts, sides, and drinks you offer with your meals!